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Q. What do you mean by EDP?

A: EDP - Entrepreneurial Development Programme - The programme aims at orienting the students towards development of qualities, and competencies required to emerge as successful entrepreneurs.


Q. How do the industrial visits help students?

A: "What we hear we forget, what we see, we remember, what we do, we learn." This proverbial saying is true and relevant. Hence industrial visits do help the students learn, as they see themselves and learn fast. They also get an opportunity to see how 8Ms work in an organisation.


Q. What are the 8Ms that the students learn during the industrial visits?

A: The 8Ms are Material (input), Machines (process input), Manpower (involve at every process), Money (financial resources), Methods (standardized practices), Marketing (sales of products), Motivation (encouraging and guiding hand holding) and Management (organization leading).


Q. What types of skills are imparted to the students?

A: Dr NGMI imparts 10 types of skills - Leadership skills, Communication Skills, Analytical Skills, Interview Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Project Execution Skills, Case Study, Analysis Skills, Event Management Skills, Public Speaking Skills, and Seminar Presentation Skills.


Q. What are the Placement Oportunities?

A: Our college focusses on entrepreneur development among students. We classify the students into three categories and help them achieve their goals.

  • To choose placement after BBA-EDP.
  • To pursue MBA in premier B-Schools.
  • To Start their career as entrepreneurs.

Q. 'You have said you would help in preparation for IIMs.' do you mean you would provide CAT coaching?

A: Yes, we provide CAT coaching to prepare students in quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, logical reasoning and data interpretation. This coaching helps them face various competitive examinations and seek admission in IIMs andpremier B-Schools.


Q. What is SAP? How is it useful in BBA-EDP?

A: SAP stands for System Applications and Products in Data Processing, which is the single ERP tool to support all the departments of the organisation. The college provides learning opportunities in Human Resource Management. This SAP-HRM module learning helps in achieving better placements.


Q. What do you mean by personality development programmes?

A: Personality Development Programmes shape students to understand themselves and their attitude The college condusts 10 days of orientation in August every year by inviting personality development trainers to orient students to be goal-oriented in their lives.


Q. How is your college different from other colleges?

A: Dr Narayana College is different from other educational institutions as our college focusses on entrepreneurial skills development in students to emerge as job providers rather than job seekers by facilitating district level as well as state level industry visits.