1 1/2 year Diploma In Food Production

Established in 2001 under the aegis of Swarna Educational Academy,
Dr. Narayana Group of Management Institutions (Dr NGMI) has grown into a institution by itself in the field of management education. 

1 1/2 year Diploma In Food Production

The BHM&CT Programme is divided into six semesters spread over three years. During the fourth semester, the student undertake paid internship programme either in India or abroad. Dr NGMI follows the choice-based credit system of teaching, learning and evaluation.

Course Highlights:

The application of fundamentals in the operations is nurtured through practical and industry trainings. The programme delivery includes theory lectures, personalised coaching, interactive sessions, problem solving and practical sessions, research projects, class presentations and case studies.

Some of the major areas covered include Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Management, Guest Rooms Allocation Management, Kitchen Operations Management, Fundamentals of Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Managerial Accounting and Financial Management.

Career Opportunities:

A Bachelor of Hotel Management provides a lot of career opportunities in the following areas:

Hotels and Restaurants – Guests Accommodation Managers, Food Production Operations Managers, Banqueting (Sports and Leisure Industry) Managers, Entertainment (Cinemas and Theatres) Managers, Relaxation and Cultural Pursuits (Museums and Galleries and Shopping) Managers, Contract Catering Services Managers…

Airlines Operations – Airhostess, Front Office Managers, Customer  Care Managers,

Catering Managers…

Cruise Liners – Customer Care Managers, Catering Managers, Housekeeping Managers…

Railways – Catering Managers, Customer Care Managers, Parcels and Delivery Managers…

Tourism and Hospitality – Catering Managers, Tour Managers, Guests, Accommodation Managers, Documents Processing Managers, Insurance Managers…

Retail Outlets – Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Store Managers, Housekeeping Managers…

Assured Benefits:
Academic Benefits:

In-depth understanding of the principles of business management covering various aspects of the hospitality industry

A strong base to pursue higher studies in Indian Institute of Hotel Management

A gateway to higher studies in hospitality management abroad

Career Benefits:

Vast scope for job opportunities in the European Union, North America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and other Asian Countries

Vast scope for fast growth in career along with corresponding rise in remuneration and other perks

Opportunities to set up own business enterprise in the hospitality industry such as food courts, event management services, catering services, and recreation centres

Opportunities to set up nutrition clubs and consulting services in the hospitality industry

Financial Benefits:

Eligible for scholarships worth Rs 1.29 lakh from the state government of Telangana

Eligible for paid internships during the fourth semester of BHM&CT

Opportunities to earn while learning

Personal Growth Benefits:

A well-shaped and impressive personality to emerge as professionals in the management field

Abilities to lead and organise both national and international events

Soft skills such as time management, goal setting and communication skills to emerge as professionals in business management

Professional etiquette in dealing with stakeholders from all backgrounds

Opportunities to develop a lasting relationship with elite clients

Society-level Benefits:

Assurance of a respectable position in society

Course Significance

According to a recent report issued by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the tourism industry in India is expected to become the world’s second biggest employer by 2019. As one of the most important sectors of tourism industry, hospitality is expected to have the biggest share in the number of jobs projected. It offers career in all areas of hospitality such as Food Production, Food and Beverage, Front Office, Housekeeping, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Accounts/ Finance, and Security, apart from promising better prospects of career growth and top positions in hospitality management.

In fact the hospitality industry needs a large number of skilled and semi-skilled employees, but here again there is a huge gap between the supply and the demand. As the demand is much more than the actual supply, there is a requirement for a large number of hospitality management professionals competent to take on the challenge.


BHM&CT Syllabus

First Semester -Theory & Practical
Second Semester – Theory &Practical

Fundamentals of Food Production-1 (Theory and BTK – 1 Practical)

Introduction to Continental Cookery (Theory and Practical)

Introduction of Food and Beverage (Theory and Practical)

Fundamentals of Food & Beverage Operations (Theory and Practical BTK-II)

Accommodation Operations-1 (Theory and Practical)

Accommodation Operations –II (Theory and Practical)

Introduction of Front Office – 1(Theory and Practical)

Basic Front Office Procedures (Theory and Practical)

French-1 (Theory)

Communicative French (Theory)

Communicative English – 1

Hotel Communicative English and Etiquette (Theory)

Hygiene, Sanitation & Safety (Theory)

Environmental Studies (Theory)

Basic Computer Application (Practical)

Third Semester (Theory and Practical)
Fourth Semester (Theory and Practical)

Indian Regional Cuisine (Theory)

Industrial Exposure Training in Leading Hotels and Hospitality Related Areas

Beverage Service – II (Theory)

Preparation of Training report and Viva Voce

Linen and Laundry Operations (Theory)


Front Office Operations (Theory)


Food and Beverage Management (Theory)


Principles and Practices of Management (Theory)


Quantity Training Kitchen (Practical)


Beverage Service (Practical)


Laundry Operations (Practical)


Front Office Operations-II (Practical)
Electives -I
Kitchen Operations and Management
Bar Management
Trends in Accommodation Operations
Travel and Tourism

Fifth semester – Theory and Practical
Sixth Semester – Theory and Practical

Advanced Food Production (Theory and Practical)

Ladder and Kitchen Management (Theory& Practical)

Advanced Food And Beverage Service  (Theory and Practical)

Food And Beverage Service  Mgmt (Theory and Practical)

Accommodation Operations  Mgmt (Theory)

Front Office mgmt (Theory)

Interior Design & Flower Arrangement  (Theory and Practical)

Project Report

Front Office Accounting Mgmt (Theory and Practical)


Research for Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt

Retail Mgmt

Hotel Accts. & Financial Mgmt

Food Entrepreneurship



1. Bread Art

2. Cruise line Operations & Galley



BHM&CT is an undergraduate professional course designed to train young students for service in the hospitality industry. The eligibility for admission to this course is (a) 50 per cent aggregate in 10+2 in any stream, and (b) 18 – 21 years of age. This is a three year course divided into six semesters with extensive practical training to turn the students into global professionals in the hotel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Desired qualities:

The students should be committed to academics, practical learning and personal development.

The students should be focussed on taking their career to the top level in the international hospitality industry.

The students should also demonstrate curiosity, tolerance and open-mindedness towards other cultures.

The students should be able to set realistic goals and work with dedication to achieve them.

Who should opt for this course?

BHM&CT is a professional course to train the students in acquiring professional skills and knowledge necessary for a career in the hospitality industry or enabling them to set up their own business in the hotel and catering industry. The hospitality industry is a growing sector opening up new opportunities for the students to pursue their interests in the field of hotel management and catering. It means the hospitality industry provides innumerable opportunities to those students, who, instead of settling down straight away, opt for further studies to widen the base for top career positions in the industry both in India and abroad.

Any student who wants a career in the hospitality industry should opt for this course. This course is also the best integrated course for students who are keen on learning new techniques in food preparation and who want to make a career out of it. The course provides the students a platform to learn cooking of a level equivalent to chefs and pursue it as their career.

This course is also the best for students interested in the field of hotel management, travel and tourism. It is an extensive course which incorporates both subject knowledge and practical training for real life situations.

Admission Procedure:

The student can collect the application form and prospectus from the college counter by paying Rs. 1000 (One thousand rupees only) / send DD of Rs. 1000 in favour of Dr.Narayana College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, payable at SBI, Machabolarum Branch, Secunderabad / make the payment online.

The student must submit the duly filled application along with 10 + 2 pass certificate (photo copy) and the first term fee in person to ensure that the admission is formally done.

Please Note:

If the student’s Intermediate / 10 + 2 Certificate is not accepted by the University, the admission will stand null and void.


Practical training is an integral part of BHM&CT and during the fourth semester the students are required to carry out a six-month practical training in different hotels across India and abroad. National and international industrial visits are organised to help the students have both national and global exposure. It is also aimed at helping them gain versatile knowledge about the hospitality industry.

Talks / seminars are regularly organised to provide insights into the industry. Experts in the field are invited to share their views and experiences with the students. Seminars are organised on a regular basis to enlighten the students about various happenings / developments in the industry.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of soft skills in shaping the students to become professionals in the hospitality industry. The training covers soft skills such as positive thinking, time management, goal setting, public speaking, team building and interpersonal skills.


Dr. Narayana College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology works with numerous international placement agencies of repute to place graduate students across the world. A career and placement counsellor assists the students for placement in hotels and restaurants and updates them about various opportunities.

Most of the students have been successful in getting placement in top hotels across India and also many of them are placed in USA – J1 VISA. Some have also found placement in software industries like Wipro. This has been made possible mainly on account of the quality of teaching and training provided by Dr NCHM&CT. It is said the students of Dr NGMI get preference when it comes to placement by top hotels and other industries in India and abroad.

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