Established in 2001 under the aegis of Swarna Educational Academy,
Dr. Narayana Group of Management Institutions (Dr NGMI) has grown into a institution by itself in the field of management education. 


BBA – EDP is a three-year graduate programme to help the students master in business administration and entrepreneurship development.


The Bachelor of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship Development Programme (BBA – EDP) is a graduate programme in Commerce and Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship Development. While BBA programme covers general business courses as well as advanced courses for specification, EDP focusses on developing entrepreneurial abilities among the students.

BBA is a bachelor’s programme designed to nurture management professionals from the graduation level. It provides a solid base for the management of human resources, marketing, finance and production. In view of the fact that the two-year MBA after graduation is not sufficient to have a firm understanding of all the aspects of business administration, BBA is said to provide a firm foundation to emerge as management professionals.

The course is also in alignment with the ‘Make in India’ initiative launched by the Government of India, as more production needs to happen to propel the country’s growth. As plenty of managers are required in the areas of materials management, receivables management, production management, marketing management, financial management and human resources management, BBA continues to maintain its relevance. The highlights of the programme include:

The BBA degree is designed to give broad-based knowledge of the functional aspects of a business enterprise and its interconnection, while ensuring space for specialisation in a particular area.

The programme exposes the students to a variety of core subjects, and encourages them to specialise in particular academic areas. It also develops the student’s practical, managerial and communication skills, and business decision-making capabilities.

Through lectures by entrepreneurship experts, organised visits to high-tech start-up companies and case studies of successful entrepreneurs, the students are exposed to the content, context, and contacts that would enable them to design and launch new ventures based on innovative technologies.

The course not only transforms the students into courageous entrepreneurs to serve the emerging needs of society but also produce graduates with competencies to secure a place in IIMS and other premier business schools to become top managers. It shapes graduates to become competent, committed human resources to undertake the constructive tasks of the competitive corporate world.

The programme helps the students understand how the process of starting new ventures could vary geographically and culturally, leverage new science and technologies from corporate enterprises, develop winning business plans, and scale up startups to be globally successful.

The combination of BBA and EDP shows equal emphasis on discovering the potential for entrepreneurial initiatives in the students. It stresses the need for inculcation, development, and polishing of entrepreneurial skills needed to establish and successfully run own enterprise. Specially designed team projects give the students hands-on training and practical experience in developing a business plan. The concepts, tools, and frameworks covered in the programme enable the students to create, identify and evaluate new venture opportunities.


Dr Narayana College of Commerce and Science, located close to Kukatpally Bus Stop is affiliated to Osmania University. Established in 2012 as a Business Management College with focus on Entrepreneurship Development, the College provides field visits to the students to have thorough understanding of the subjects and ensure practical exposure.

Today Dr Narayana College of Commerce and Science stands out for the following reasons:

It is distinct in terms of providing practical learning with respect to business management.

It has a team of highly experienced teachers, who are passionate about grooming the students in all aspects of business management.

It is focussed on BBA-EDP programme to exclusively nurture committed entrepreneurs and competent managers.

It provides intensive coaching to prepare the students for CAT to help them get admission in IIMs and other premier management institutions.

It helps the students prepare for competitive examinations such as CSAT, IBPS, and Staff Selection Commission, and MNC aptitude tests required for recruitment.

It also imparts a module of SAP in HCM to equip the students with the technical knowledge required to execute all HR operations.


Dr Narayana College of Commerce and Science offers the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration -Entrepreneurship Development Programme (BBA-EDP) (Affiliated to Osmania University)

As the art and science of management is essential for human life and its growth, a degree in management is always in high demand. While BBA provides a solid base for the management of human resources, marketing, finance and production, EDP aims to help entrepreneurs learn how to develop ideas into successful businesses, and to increase entrepreneurial opportunities. The combination of BBA and EDP therefore shows equal emphasis on discovering the potential for entrepreneurial initiatives in the students. The concepts, tools, and frameworks covered in the programme enable the students to create, identify and evaluate new venture opportunities, interpret customer needs and quantify the value proposition.

Bachelor of Commerce – Computers (B Com – Computers) (Affiliated to Osmania University)

As commercial activities are integral to normal human life, a degree in commerce (a bachelor of commerce) continues to retain its relevance and prominence. In keeping with this understanding, Dr NGMI has introduced B Com – Computers course to help the students gain knowledge of accounting practices, compliance of business laws, and management level decision making such as make or buy decisions, lease or own decisions, cost projections, corporate accounting compliance, tax compliance, and use of statistical tools and technologies in decision making.

Career Opportunities:

It is a matter of pride to say India is among the prominent countries that offer high quality Business Education today. Business Administration is one of the highly paid professions with a wide range of specialisations such as Marketing Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management and Finance Management. Similarly Management is one of the most sought after professions that make the promise of rewards in the form of good remuneration as well as career growth.

Assured Benefits:
Academic benefits:

Exposure to various global management practices to emerge as professional managers in all the sectors of business administration

Enhancement of management skills through insights gained from real time management experiences of top level managers

Understanding of different managements aspects of the business operations through the 8Ms programme (Materials Management, Machines Management, Money Management, Men and Women (Human Resources) Management, Marketing Management, Methodology Management, Motivation Management, and  Management Matrix)

Understanding of complex aspects of business management and administration with the help of experienced teaching faculty

Career benefits:

A strong base to emerge as first generation entrepreneurs.

A platform to become top level managers, as the students are provided with CAT coaching to seek admission in IIMs and other premier business schools

Placement assurance based on the project work the students take up in various fields of study related to business management

An opportunity to get professional guidance from experienced industrialists as a result of the network built through industrial visits

Personality benefits:

Well-rounded professionals as well as individuals capable of endearing themselves to others through soft skills training

Growing up as professionals as a result of the disciplined life the students are put to

A well-shaped personality resulting in fast career growth

Financial benefits:

Eligible for scholarships from the state government to ensure better performance as well as completion of their studies within the prescribed time

Corporate scholarships and other kinds of incentives such as industrial visits and institutional visits for the students with 95 per cent score and above

Cash prizes as well as medals and certificates for outstanding students

Entrepreneurial benefits:

Exposure to more than 200 start-ups on an average to learn how to set up an enterprise successfully

Case studies of various enterprises to understand how entrepreneurs build their business which helps them understand not only different ways required but also how to face challenges at every stage

Interaction with successful entrepreneurs and mentorship from them

Industrial visit benefits:

An opportunity to learn from industry visits one full day once a month

District-wise visits in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh covering more than 100 industries during their first year and second year of BBA – EDP

State-wise industrial visits as well as international industrial visits during their third year of BBA – EDP

Insights to start own enterprise, confidence to face challenges in the process and commitment to turning the enterprises into global level business enterprises

Technical education benefits:

An opportunity to learn SAP – HCM module which is part of the core operation in any organisation with respect to human resources

Proper understanding of all the accounting aspects of an organisation with the help of Tally an accounting package

An opportunity to learn C, and C+ based on their interest to excel in the software field

Extensive knowledge about Information Technology to equip themselves with necessary skills in software usage

Institutional visit benefits:

An opportunity to visit central and state government institutions such as NSIC, NIRD, MSME, TSIIC, DIC and KVIC to get firsthand knowledge about the government support to entrepreneurship development.

An opportunity to know and learn how to market various products, how to obtain various subsidies and incentives from the government and how to obtain various licences needed to set up industries

An opportunity to obtain internships in reputed central and state government institutions and corporate enterprises.

8 Ms (Eight key areas of management)


BBA is an undergraduate course, which focusses on nurturing managerial abilities in the students to promote complete understanding of various functional areas of a business organisation such as purchases department, production department, human resource department, marketing department, and finance department. As it is necessary for the students of management studies to understand all the functional areas of a business organisation, Dr NGMI provides opportunities of learning through one full day visit to an industry every month to have real time learning within the framework of 8 Ms.

Materials Management:

This is the basic area of management requiring continuous monitoring of purchases and production processes, which will ensure minimising the overall cost of production. The student is given an opportunity to know the maintenance of stores ledgers, physical inspection of the stock level, and the practices followed in the materials management.

Machines Management:

Since the students have a background of management studies, they have an opportunity to know the functioning and maintenance of machines set up in an industry. The students understand the process involved in acquiring various machines, from where they are acquired, and the cost involved in their purchase and transport. The students have also the benefit of understanding technical functionalities of the whole machinery.

Money Management:

The backbone of any business enterprise is the financial management. Given the fact that the students make one full day industrial visits every month, they are able to learn the dynamics of the fixed capital as well as the working capital. In spite of being undergraduate   students, they are given opportunities to learn the details of finance such as calculation of the project cost, raising of the required investment, and understanding of the return on investments (RoI) of various business enterprises.

Men (Human Resources) Management:

Human resources are another backbone of a successful organisation. During the industrial training visits, the students learn and understand the management of the dynamics of human resources in an organisation. They are also exposed to understand the payrolls, perks, work culture, and other amenities provided to the employees to work towards the growth and success of an organisation.

Marketing Management:

Marketing management is of paramount importance to any business organisation. Many people do not understand the dynamics of marketing, which is actually required to excel in business management. The students are given opportunities to know marketing strategies of various business enterprises, as they interact with the managers of the marketing departments during the industrial visits. The students also learn the marketing dynamics and techniques to excel in business management.

Methodology Management:

Different organisations follow their own methods and practices at their work place for effective execution of work, which can be understood only by observing them in person. In fact the students are privileged to observe the methods and practices during their industrial visits such as the Japanese 5S Technique, which is practised in many world class organisations. The students have an edge over their counterparts elsewhere in understanding of this practice – optimal use of time, energy and resources resulting in maximisation of output.

Motivation Management:

People inherently look for motivation to perform better at work. A rightly motivated human resource / person / employee contributes maximum at his or her work. During their visits, the students will have real time understanding of the role that motivation plays in the workforce by interacting with them – a firsthand learning experience.

Management Matrix:

Today the running of an organisation, its development, scalability and other     administrative aspects depend on management. It is the art of management that provides a lifeline to keep the organisation not only successfully functioning but also profitable and growth-oriented. The students need to understand the basics of management theoretically and practically, which is the most desired element in their BBA – EDP education. The students are guided to focus initially on observation of management styles and practices of various business organisations during their industrial visits, which will definitely empower them to emerge as global management professionals.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

EDP is an emerging area of study and research where new perspectives keep evolving to understand more about entrepreneurship and its impact on business across the world. Today’s trend among the youngsters is to set up their own business enterprises. In fact this is a happening time in the area of entrepreneurship development in India where the government also encourages this spirit among the youth to create a large number of employment opportunities for its growing population.

It is against this background Dr NGMI has taken the lead in providing opportunities to the students in different disciplines of entrepreneurship. Under EDP, the following specialisations are offered along with their three years of BBA Course.

EDP in the Textile Industries

EDP in the Food-related Industries

EDP in the Automobile-related Industries

EDP in the Leather-related Industries

EDP in Agro-based Industries

EDP in Rural Development-related Industries

EDP in the Education Sector

EDP in the Health Sector

EDP in the Hospitality Sector

EDP in the Franchise Model Business

EDP in the Retail Business

EDP in the App-based E-commerce Business Models



Minimum Requirements for Admission into BBA – EDP programme are:

18 Years of age with 10+2 Education or equivalent.

Desired qualities:

An urge to grow and become a top business management professional

A keen desire to travel across the world and learn new things

Teaching and Learning Process (TLP)

Dr Narayana College of Commerce and Science is a student-centered institution. Yet the progress in the learning process of the students depends on their efforts. The college has developed a refined way teaching – a perfectly balanced combination of theoretical sessions and practical exposure through industrial visits. In addition, the college also provides individual attention to every student along with tutoring support if needed.

Technological competencies of the faculty and the students cannot be developed without considering an array of factors that could impact the Teaching and Learning Processes (TLP) both inside and outside of the college. In addition to the class room sessions, the college takes the students for field visits, implant studies, and internships both in India and abroad. The members of the faculty continuously evaluate the learning curve of the students through activity-based assignments, mini-projects relating to different business models and JAM (Just a Minute) in every teaching session for five minutes.

Apart from the academic sessions, the college facilitates quiz competitions, tests on completion of each unit, role plays, syndicate group exercises, communication skills, personality tests, and quarterly, half-yearly and pre-final examinations to prepare the students for the final examinations.

During the three-year programme of BBA-EDP, there is a continuous evaluation of the student’s performance by way of regular assessments, tests, quiz competitions, debates, group discussions, role plays, and personality development tests (psychometric tests). The results are regularly intimated to the parents as well.

Syllabus (Year-wise)

First Year/ Semester 1
Second Year/III Semester
Third Year/V Semester

English I

English II

1.      Quantitative Techniques for Business


Second Language (Telugu/Sanskrit/Hindi/Urdu)

Financial Accounting

3.      International Business


Environmental Studies


5.      ?

Principles of Management

Human Resource Management

6.      Fundamentals of Technology Management


Basics of Marketing

Introduction to Information Technology IT – LAB

7.      Elective –I

Financial Institutions & Markets(F); Marketing of Services(M); and Change Management(HR)


Business Economics


8.      Elective – II

Investment Management(F); CRM & Retail Management(M); and Industrial Relations(HR)


First Year/II Semester

 Second Year/IV Semester

Third Year/VI Semester

English II

English II


1.      Strategic Management


Second Language II

Second Language II


Cost & Management Accounting


Gender and sensitisation, Organisation Behaviour

Financial Management


Project Work

Business Statistics

Marketing Research


4.      Elective – III

Banking & Insurance(F);

Consumer Behaviour(M); and Performance Management(HR)

Business Law

Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

5.      Elective – IV

Business Taxation(F);

Advertising & Sales Promotion(M); and

Talent Management(HR)


Academic performance alone is not sufficient to turn the students of today into successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Since there is a wide gap between what the industry expects in terms of employability, and what the education system manages to provide, Dr Narayana College of Commerce and Business Management places importance on providing suitable training to the students in various areas such as personality development, entrepreneurial skills development, communication skills development, interpersonal skills development, analytical skills development, lateral thinking development, self-management skills development, leadership and behavioural skills development, and time management skills development.

Towards this end, the college regularly conducts training programmes. Professionals from respective areas are invited to conduct the programmes. In fact the college has on its panel eminent trainers like Yandamoori Virendranath – a well-known personality development trainer, and Pattabhi Sitaram – an eminent trainer on memory power and concentration, and behavioural skills. The training has succeeded in orienting the students to have realistic goals in their lives and a strategy to realise them.


Dr Narayana College of Commerce and Science has a special placement cell to ensure that the students are employable in every sense through its continuous Learning and Development (L&D) activities such as JAM (Just a Minute) sessions, group discussions, elocutions, debates, mock interviews, spoken English lab, communications lab, voice and accent modulation sessions, phonetic sessions, and mother tongue intonation (MTI) improvement.

The college has already succeeded in getting most of the students placed in various companies such as Dell, Cognizant, Franklin Templeton, Wells Fargo, Deloitte and other MNCs in ITES and financial institutions. In fact some of them have already started moving up in their career to hold supervisory positions. This goes to prove the strengths that the college continues to hold in providing quality education.

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